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Writer's Block: Talk like a pirate day!

A pirate walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happened, you look terrible!"

"What do you mean?" the pirate replies, "I'm fine."

The bartender says, "But what about that wooden leg? You didn't have that before."

"Well," says the pirate, "We were in a battle at sea and a cannon ball
hit my leg but the surgeon fixed me up, and I'm fine, really."

"Yeah," says the bartender, "But what about that hook? Last time I saw you, you had both hands."

"Well," says the pirate, "We were in another battle and we boarded the
enemy ship. I was in a sword fight and my hand was cut off but the
surgeon fixed me up with this hook, and I feel great, really."

"Oh," says the bartender, "What about that eye patch? Last time you were in here you had both eyes."

"Well," says the pirate, "One day when we were at sea, some birds were
flying over the ship. I looked up, and one of them shat in my eye."

"So?" replied the bartender, "what happened? You couldn't have lost an eye just from some bird sh*t!"

"Well," says the pirate, "I really wasn't used to the hook yet!"

Writer's Block: 9/11

On the day of the attack, I was just finishing my first day at college. When I got home, I turned on PC, and logged into MSN. I then got my first IM from one of my friends. She told me that New York was on fire. I didn't think much of it, at first. But when I turned on the TV, it was completely covered with breaking news. My mouth dropped. I just couldn't believe it.

Writer's Block: Jumped the shark

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?
Without a doubt, it's got to be Big Brother. I mean, seriously....If the show's been scrapped from one channel, then why does another one buy it? The show is bloody crap! Anyone who watches it, needs to get a life! Ugh.

Writer's Block: American idol

What is the one song you must sing at karaoke?

If they're both optional, then I'd like to sing True by Spandau Ballet, and Finally by CeCe Peniston.
Originally posted by skieswideopen at Top Fifty Shows Set and/or Filmed in Canada
For tvrealm (and in honour of Canada Day), fifty shows I like that were set and/or filmed in Canada.

This list includes both predominantly U.S. shows that happened to be filmed in Canada and purely Canadian shows that never crossed the border. Some, I will confess, made the list entirely out of nostalgia.

In alphabetical order, because I don't want to try and rank them.

Tonight at 9:00, 9:30 in NewfoundlandCollapse )

Writer's Block: Saints and sinners

If you found a wad of cash on the ground, would you keep it? Donate it? Take it to the police?

I'd had it in because you don't know, what the money was originally used for. It could've been a drug dealer's wad of cash, or a pensioner's pension. Either way, I'd still hand it in. And in a way, you'd be the one stealing. I mean, you found a wad of cash on the floor, and you're claiming it as your own. It clearly isn't.

Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Harry' Potter's only a fictional character. So who actually cares, about what he's going to do now. Get a life, and move on. Simple.

Writer's Block: No. 1 hits

Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

I've gone for Yesterday, because it's somehow got a meaning to it. I also like The Soldiers version of it. And it cheers me up slightly, when I'm having a bad day.

This one is also my favourite Beatles song. But this is The Soldiers version of it.

Writer's Block: Singing in the rain

What tune do you regularly find yourself humming or singing in the shower?

For some strange reason, I keep singing True by Spandau Ballet. But that might only be because, The Soldiers sung on their second album, Letters Home.

Writer's Block: Let freedom ring

Independence Day doesn't exist, here in England. But I like to celebrate it anyway. And that's by watching all the best American TV shows. Especially Numb3rs. You can't stop me from watching that! Hell no!

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